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Derrick & Eddie’s Surprise Wedding at Chatham Station in Cary, NC

Photographer: Cynthia Viola

This was a 30th Anniversary Party turned flash wedding surprise!  Eddie is a wedding planner himself so, of course, we had to take the awesome up a few notches.

To start the evening there were to be three toasts from friends…the first two toasters didn’t even know what was coming.

Terri talked about meeting Derrick for the first time at a drag show and how all their friends thought Eddie had made him up because they hadn’t met him yet. She said they all loved him immediately, of course, because Eddie hadn’t known how to show the world his true self fully until he found Derrick, and once he did, there was no looking back. These two completed each other, grew up together and have hardly known the world without each other.

By the time Pastor Jason got up to toast, the whole room was already in tears then he talked about how Eddie and Derrick were the embodiment of provision for the ones in need. “When I was hungry you gave me food, thirsty you gave me drink” He said when they were met with persecution, they showed only love to the world and no one deserves happiness more than these two incredible souls.”  Then he said, “You know what, everyone is here, I’m ordained…let’s just get married! What do you say?!?”

The whole room ERUPTED in applause, tears, hoots and hollers, amens and happy dances! The grooms made their way to the floor with rings and vow books in hand and it was pandemonium as everyone realized this was planned all along!

We cracked open the dance floor with a few classic hits and it was off and running for a crazy fun time.  Congrats Derrick & Eddie!


Eddie & Derrick’s Wedding Vendor Team


Venue: Chatham Station

DJ:  All Around Raleigh DJ

Photographer: Cynthia Viola

Coordinator: Rebecca with Eddie McDaniel Events

Rentals: CE Rentals, Capital Events and Green House Picker Sisters

Photobooth: Zim Zoom Photobooth

Catering: Rocky Top Catering

Bartending: Artful Libations

Invitations: Indigo Envelope

Stationary: CK Creations

Florist: Flowers by Kyle

Cake: Ashley Cakes


Derrick & Eddie's Wedding by Cynthia Viola Photography

Photographer: Cynthia Viola

Photographer: Cynthia Viola

Photographer: Cynthia Viola

Photographer: Cynthia Viola

Photographer: Cynthia Viola

Photographer: Cynthia Viola

Photographer: Cynthia Viola