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Trey & Paul’s North Carolina Museum of Art NCMA Wedding in Raleigh, NC

Paul and Trey were married and had their wedding reception at the NC Museum of Art.  The wedding backdrop was a beautiful, custom piece made by Paul and Trey.   “Simple Gifts” by YoYo Ma & Alison Krauss signaled the entrance of the entire wedding party, including Trey and then Paul.  The formalities were beautiful and somewhat typical, until they vows.  Trey and Paul, both had hand held microphones and had prepared loving, thoughtful and simply beautiful vows.  The vows were a topic of conversation for weeks prior to the big day.  They had been preparing for quite some time and were quite moving.  The couple had been together for years and it was evident at the end of the ceremony.  When the couple was announced, officially as a couple, once they kissed and were announced, the crowd erupted in screams and applause!  That was the cue for the recessional song – “Finally” – CeCe Peniston!  A positively perfect ending to one of the most beautiful and joyous ceremonies I’ve seen in a very long time.

The cocktail hour followed and then it was time for the grand entrance of the couple. We revved up the crowd which didn’t take much at all because everyone was very ready for the introduction.   “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship was cued and as the couple came around the corner into the dining area their family and friends went crazy!  Paul and Trey, together, entered the room, holding hands with the biggest smiles on their faces you have ever seen!  They made their way around the entire room and then found their seat. At which poiint, dinner followed and then the cake cutting.

The toasts were a high point in the evening. They were very entertaining, passionate, meaningful, thoughtful and some were absolutely hilarious!  They went on for a solid hour!

The first dance and an officially same-sex married couple was “Pure & Simple” by Dolly Parton and it moved everyone into the main reception hall and focused attention on the dance floor.

As the song faded the applause slowed down, the dance floor ignited with screams to “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross.  There was not an available square inch available anywhere near the dance floor for the rest of the evening!

It was an evening full of joy, love, happiness, thankfulness for family and friends and togetherness.


Trey & Paul’s Wedding Vendor Team

Ceremony & Reception: The North Carolina Museum of Art

Wedding Uplighting: All Around Raleigh DJ

Photographer: SW Photography

Trey & Paul’s Wedding Timeline

5:30 – Guests begin to arrive, welcome champagne/sparkling water in North Courtyard

6:00 – Ceremony begins

6:01 – Rev. Bell steps up to altar from side, welcome/cell phone message

6:02 – Processional (“Simple Gifts” – YoYo Ma & Alison Krauss)

  •       Flower Girl Talia enters
  •       Patty & Sooja enter
  •       Trey enters w/Dupree
  •       Paul enters w/Heon

6:05 – Prayer blessing

6:07 – Scripture reading (Patty)

6:09 – Poem Reading (Tinsley)

6:10 – Sunset

6:11 – Meditation

6:19 – Charge to the community

6:21 – Vows & Exchange of Rings

6:29 – Kiss/Presentation of couple

6:30 – Exit music plays (“Finally” – CeCe Peniston)

6:32 – Group photo (DJ announces, Photographer coordinates)

6:40 – Cocktail hour (inside West building) 

7:25 – Dinner begins.

7:30 – Contemporary Gallery closes.  Paul & Trey quick photos.

7:35 – Dinner begins – Grand Entrance (“Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” – Starship)

7:38 – Dinner blessing (Rev. Bell)

8:15 – Cake cutting

8:30 – Toasts

  •       Paul & Trey (Thank Yous)

8:55 – First Dance (“Pure & Simple” – Dolly Parton)

9:00 – Dancing begins (“I’m Coming Out” – Diana Ross)

10:25 – Last call/Krispy Kreme donuts brought out

10:30 – Bar closes

10:52 – Last song (“Timber” – Kesha)

10:55 – Grand Exit (“Carry Me” – Kygo & Julia Michaels)

11pm – Wedding ends, depart NCMA

11:15pm – Afterparty at Whiskey Kitchen (201 W. Martin St.)



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