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Vivian & Neal

My fiance and I signed with Eric when we first met him at a wedding show. We are not the impulsive type, but having priced out DJs and learned what to look for, his pricing was fair and we had a feeling that he knew what he was doing. He educated us from the beginning but also made some correct assumptions about what we would like and what would work for us.

As it turned out, my wife and I made an excellent impulse decision at that wedding show. Eric met with us and walked us through what to expect. He also gave us some important tips both regarding the DJ component of the wedding as well as other wedding considerations.

Next we met with Tim Stanley, who carried the torch from where Eric left off until the moment we made our grand exit from our wedding party. During the reception, Tim kept the party going with games, lighting, time management, and even dance choreography. I was especially impressed with his ability to entertain guests of every age. And he did this all seamlessly and while checking in with my new wife and I to ensure we were happy with the process.

In the end, we enjoyed a worry-free and fun filled night for our friends and family; which was what we hoped to achieve when we selected them.

While I can’t speak for other members of the All Around Raleigh DJ crew, the work that Eric and TIm did gives me confidence that the whole outfit is run professionally and to the highest standards. Expect the best and go with All Around Raleigh DJ!