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Jason & Marth

We could not have asked for a better DJ than Eric. I’m someone who can be a little control freakish when it comes what music plays at my events, and Eric gave me full reign to be as picky as I wanted. I gave him a list of “must play” songs and a long list of songs that if he was able to work them in, great. Well, I can barely think of a song on either list that he didn’t play. Plus, the few times he went off the board were all high quality and similar to the genre we had requested. Plus, I had a lengthy and strict “do not play” list. And despite pressure from the bridesmaids, he stuck to his guns and honored the list. I had people who told me it was the best music at a wedding reception they had ever heard, and we have Eric to thank. He kept the party going with smooth transitions and understated yet appropriate work on the microphone when necessary. If anyone ever asks me whether to hire a band or DJ for their reception, without question, I would suggest they stop fretting over it and just hire Eric.