Lighting for Large Events
Event Lighting with All Around Raleigh DJ

The larger the event, the more important it is to have all the right lighting. Whether it’s lighting up your keynote speaker or adding just the right style and atmosphere, All Around Raleigh DJ Company has you covered! We have all the cutting-edge lighting equipment, dedicated team, and experience needed to set up, manage, and break down lighting for events of all sizes, including the largest events happening in our area.

With us, you get a trusted partner to plan and manage every aspect of your large event lighting. We’ll maximize your space, meet all your needs, and oversee every detail from start to finish. Our goal is to free you up and give you and your team the time you need to focus on the other key aspects of your event.

Types of Lighting We Can Bring to Your Large Event

Large events give us the opportunity to use a wide variety of lighting types, effects, and techniques. Whether it’s decorative, functional, or a little of both, All Around Raleigh DJ has the equipment and know-how to maximize your lighting. We offer the following types of lighting and more:

Moving Spotlights

There’s nothing more effective for focusing a large group of people on something than by putting it in the spotlight. Whether it’s a keynote speech, new product launch, fashion show, or any other type of event, our moving spotlights will highlight every important moment.

Table Spotlights and Wash Lighting

Any gala, luncheon, dinner, or other large function involving guests seated together at tables will benefit from our striking table spotlights. Not only will table wash lighting give that extra wow-factor by lighting up your tables, they’ll also help your guests to see what they’re eating!

Lighting Decor & Cafe Lighting

Decorative lighting fixtures, floor to ceiling chandeliers and other lighting techniques can transform the look of even the most plain large events space. We can strategically and artistically use string lights, colored LED lighting, projectors and more to give you exactly the look you want for your event.


Nothing says class and sophistication quite like the proper use of uplighting in a large events space. We can accentuate any room with well placed upward lighting which essentially paints the room, pipe and drape curtains and other decor and lighting that’s both pleasant and functional as well. Our uplighting is able to be classy one-color static or dynamic color changing to add energy and dramatic cues.

UV Blacklight Effects

Blacklights can add a distinctive flair to many types of events. An interesting combination of contemporary and nostalgic, blacklighting could be just the detail you need to make your event stand out. We’re here to show you everything we can do with this tried-and-true accent.  With our huge inventory of blacklights, we have the ability to completely fill any ballroom with the glow of UV lights.

What You’ll Get with Our Large Event Lighting

With All Around Raleigh DJ Company handling the lighting for your large event, you get it all! We’ll consult closely with you, analyze your space and needs carefully and help you create the ideal lighting scheme to meet your goals and maximize your lighting impact. Then, we’ll set up your lighting with professional   attention to detail and manage everything closely for the entirety of your event. We’ll make it so easy that it will feel and look effortless to you and your guests. We want to help you blow them away!

Get in Touch Today to Get Started!

If you’re planning a large event in the Triangle area, don’t delay! Call us today at (919) 757-8296 or contact us to set up a consultation, discuss your event and your goals, and talk about everything we can do for you. You’ll get the best, newest and most professional installed and operated lighting around and remove a serious hassle so you can focus on other aspects of your event.